Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Model Target * 0-5 Speciality * Family In-Home Support
Program * CEDEN Family Resource Center
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  CEDEN (Center for Development, Education and Nutrition) provides comprehensive services to promote and strengthen families in need of prenatal, early childhood and parenting education. The agency's programs seek to improve birth outcomes of pregnant adolescents and at-risk women by providing information to reduce the incidence of premature and low birthweight babies. The agency also provides services to prevent and reverse developmental delays, increase positive parenting behaviors, reduce injuries and ensure timely immunizations. CEDEN serves primarily low socio-economic status families and parents with children 0 to 5 years old who have developmental delays or are at risk of becoming developmentally delayed.

CEDEN's services include an early childhood intervention program for children who are severely delayed, or have a medical condition likely to result in developmental delays. CEDEN's home-based programs accommodate family needs by working with children at child care centers, relatives' homes, shelters for homeless or battered women, and other community shelters. Frequency of home visits is based on family needs, ranging from weekly to monthly visits. Parent educators deliver a series of educational materials including: early childhood stimulation activities, age-appropriate activities, basic health and nutrition care, and home safety, and a Pro-Family Curriculum focusing on child development, behavior, and skill building.

Program evaluations demonstrate CEDEN's effectiveness in improving the developmental status of young children with delays. Children participating in the program maintain up-todate immunizations at a level higher than average for the community. Parents report great satisfaction in learning and using alternative disciplinary methods. They also feel they understand their children better after participating in CEDEN's programs. Parenting classes and support groups help reduce the social isolation of Spanishspeaking mothers by facilitating friendships and boosting self-esteem.

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