Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Exemplary Target * 3-10 Speciality * Comprehensive
Program * Parents And Children Training Series: The Incredible Years Training
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  Designed as prevention/intervention programs for parents of children ages 3-10 years. Short term objectives are to strengthen parenting competencies by training parents in positive communication and child-directed play skills, consistent and clear limit setting, nonviolent discipline strategies, how to teach their children to problem solve, anger management and how to collaborate successfully with teachers. The objectives for the children are to strengthen social and academic competence, reduce behavior problems, and increase positive interactions with peers, adults and parents.

The Basic Parents and Children Series is offered to parents in groups to foster support, problemsolving and self-management. Groups meet for approximately 11-14 weeks to complete the curriculum (2 hours once a week). The advanced series takes an additional 14 sessions. The basic series covers topics such as: Play, Helping Children Learn, The Value of Praise and Encouragement, The Use of Incentives to Motivate Children, Effective Limit Setting, and Handling Misbehavior. Trained leaders show groups of parents the real-life videotape situations of parents and children and encourage discussion and problem-solving. The Advanced Series covers topics such as: Effective Communication, Anger Management, Problem Solving and Family Meetings and Ways to Give and Get Support.

The Child Training Series, known as the "Dinosaur Curriculum" dovetails with the parent training series and takes 22 weeks to complete. The series covers topics such as Learning Rules, Empathy Training, Problem-Solving, Anger Management, How to Make Friends, Manners and How to be Successful in School. The tapes are narrated by child-size puppets making use of fantasy, role play and cooperative activities to illustrate concepts. The Teacher Training Series can be conducted in 4-day workshops which may be offered sequentially or once a month. The topics cover: The Importance of Teacher Attention, Praise and Encouragement, Motivating Students through Incentives, Preventing Problems, Decreasing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom, Building Positive Relationships with Difficult Children, and how to teach social skills and problem solving in the classroom.

The Basic and Advanced Parent Training Series and the Child Training Series have been researched and extensively field tested in randomized trials over the past 18 years with over 800 families with young children who have aggressive behavior problems. The Parent Training Series has also been evaluated with over 500 high risk Head Start families as a prevention program. The teacher training series has been evaluated with Head Start teachers and teacher of grades Kindergarten through grade 3. Results indicate that parents and teachers were able to significantly reduce children's problem behaviors and increase their social competence and academic engagement.

Training in these programs lead to certification as a group leader. Therapeutic group process emphasizes cultural sensitivity and strategies such as collaboration, empowerment, reframing, self-management, ways to give and get support, changing negative self-talk and "principle-training."

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