Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Promising Target * 3-18 Speciality * Parent Training
Program * Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities: A Violence Prevention Parent Training Program
Description *

  Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities Program is a unique integration of various prevention/intervention strategies geared toward reducing violence against self, the family and the community. The program targets ethnic and culturally diverse parents of children aged 3-18 years who are interested in raising childrens with a commitment to leading a violence-free, healthy lifestyle.

The program goal is to reduce drug/alcohol use, teen suicide, juvenile delinquency, gang involvement, child abuse and domestic violence. Short term objectives are to increase parent sense of competence, positive family/parent/child interactions, positive parent/child relationships, child self-esteem and self-discipline, child social competency skills and increased parental involvement in community activities. Parent training classes have been held at a variety of locations: churches, schools, community agencies and other locations. The program consists of twelve 3-hour sessions taught in consecutive weeks. The curriculum includes five major components: Cultural/Spiritual Focus; Rites of Passage; Positive Discipline; Enhancing Relationships; and Community Involvement. Materials are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean. Cambodian and Russian translations are being completed.

A pre- post test design had been used to evaluate over 100 parent classes. Evaluation data from one report of 22 parent groups (N=357) show significant improvements in parent sense of competence, family/parent/child interactions, and child competence and behavior. Participation in the program had a direct impact on increasing parent involvement in the areas of "Community Activities", "Political Issues" and "School Involvement". Reports show that the program helps with child rearing challenges, promotes family bonding, promotes pride in cultural heritage, promotes community bonding and reduces life-threatening risks for children.

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    Dept. of Health Promotion and Education

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