Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Promising Target * 0-5 Speciality * Family In-Home Support
Program * First Steps/Fremont County Family Center
Description *

  First Steps offers comprehensive child development and parenting services for families with children from birth to school age, using a home visiting and center-based format. The program supports parents in their role as their child's first and most important teacher. First Steps operates as part of comprehensive services offered at the Fremont County Family Center. The Family Center also houses interagency collaborative services with WIC, Child Care and support groups and parenting classes. Even Start and GED courses attainment are also offered.

The program uses the Parents as Teachers curriculum, enhanced to include a service coordination component and is designed to increase parenting skills, the family's ability to deal with stressors, the family's use of community services and health care and to decrease the incidence of child abuse. The program is being customized for Latino/Hispanic and African American families.

First Steps provides one hour home visits, play groups, workshops and other specialized services for families with children under school age. Monthly home visits provide parents with information on child development, safety, community services and learning activities. Play groups, facilitated by home visitors, therapists and special educators, are scheduled four times a week for children birth through age five, their siblings and parents.

The first year, preliminary evaluation examined project effectiveness on 35 newly enrolled families. Information for this first year was limited to preliminary insights about changes in parenting abilities and parent satisfaction. Data from matched pre- and post-test Adult Adolescent Parent Instrument (AAPI) suggest the program has a positive impact on parenting knowledge, skills and attitudes. Findings from Parent Satisfaction Surveys indicate increased parent ability and knowledge.

    Contact * Katherine Bair, Homevisiting Coordinator  
    Address* 1401 Oak Creek Grade Road  
        Canon City, CO  81212
    Phone * 719 269-1523
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    Dept. of Health Promotion and Education

Funded by - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention