Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Promising Target * 12-15 Speciality * Parent Training
Program * Family Support Program
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  The mission of this program, which utilizes case management services, is to reduce juvenile delinquency by reducing barriers to services in the community. The intermediate goal is to provide support services to at-risk middle school students and their families to increase school attendance, have fewer and/or less severe school disciplinary referrals and improve grade point average. Other objectives include; having at least 40 families voluntarily participants each year, ensuring service to each family that participates, increasing the use of community resources, participation at family support workshops, and maintenance of an Aftercare Plan for families with continuing community support systems. The project targets students in grades 6, 7 and 8 with poor academic performance, high absenteeism rates, disciplinary or behavior problems and/or those with identified family dysfunction.

Case management services concentrate on identifying family needs and issues and developing and implementing plans to address those needs. Coordinators meet with the families to setup an Individual Family Service Plan which strives to help families develop. After-school groups for the youth are made up of a study/tutoring session to help improve study skills and academic needs, and therapeutic processes including group discussion, games, or activities to improve self-esteem. Coordinators also meet with youth individually to concentrate on issues or needs identified by the students. Workshops for parents and other family members are held about 4 times a year to address risk factors in the family arena. Emphasis is placed on interactive learning as opposed to "lectures", and also on providing practical skills as opposed to "theory".

The Family Support Program has a written evaluation plan including process, outcome and impact. They have just completed their first full year of program operations and have almost completed compiling their evaluation data and analysis. Key components they will report on include reviewing court records, school absences, grade averages, number of families meeting their goals, use of community resources and other information.

    Contact * Chris Corallo, School Administrator 
    Address* Middle School Road 
        Rocky Mount, VA  24151
    Phone * 540 483-7209
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    Dept. of Health Promotion and Education

Funded by - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention