Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Model Target * 8-14 Speciality * Family Skills Training
Program * Families in Focus
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  Families in Focus is a family skills training program designed to strengthen the family unit and prevent social and behavioral problems by helping families help themselves. Over the past 9 years the program has been replicated in communities throughout the United States, Latin America and other locations abroad. The program is grounded in family systems theory and core outcome measures. There are three central dimensions of family behavior: Adaptability, Cohesion, and Communication.

Initially the program was designed for high-risk youth ages 8-14. However, the program has proven its effectiveness with pre-schoolers, elementary, secondary, high school populations, incarcerated individuals and their families, as well as the general population. The program has been used with Hispanic families, Vietnam veterans, single parents, prison inmates and others. The Families in Focus Home Learning Guide is a 142-page Home Study Guide which contains 53 different activities for their needs including audio and video cassettes. A Family Profile Questionnaire, once complete and charted, directs the family to a specific activity based on their family needs. The family forms long and short term goals and a step-by-step plan is developed to assure these plans are realized.

Evaluation reports from many communities indicate improved family functioning, increased communication between parents and children, empowered parents to make decisions and improved ability of the family to work together. With inmates and their families within prison systems, the program has helped ease the transition back into the family and community and significantly reduce recidivism.

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