Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
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Program * Birth To Three
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  Birth To Three is a nationally recognized community-based parent education program designed for a broad range of parents with infants and young children. Their primary goal is to strengthen families, ensure the well-being of children and help prevent child abuse. This is accomplished through parent education, peer support groups and support services.

Within this organization there are group-based parograms for parents with different needs (e.g., parents of newborns, toddlers, teen parents, parents who are highly stressed, and parents whose primary language is Spanish.). In the Infant Program, a parent educator facilitates a 10 session, five month parenting confidence curriculum that covers birth experiences, stress/anger management, early childhood development, adult relationships, health and safety, parenting strategies, group agreements, play and learning, baby massage, and child care issues. Other programs available include: Wonderful ONEs, Terrific TWOs, Teen Parents (age 12-21) Make Parenting a Pleasure (ages birth-8). Make Parenting a Pleasure is based on a curriculum developed by Birth To Three where parents learn practical stress management and communication skills, gain greater understanding of their child, learn effective parenting skills and positive approaches to discipline, and build a support network. This curriculum for highly stressed parents of young children is being disseminated nationally and internationally.

The Birth To Three Infant Program uses pre-and post-questionnaires to assess parenting knowledge, social support systems, parental stress, and program satisfaction. Self-report data suggests that 95 % learned new parenting skills, 94% learned about child development, 93 % got support and understanding for their feelings, and 81% learned positive ways of discipline.

The preliminary evaluation for Make Parenting A Pleasure showed a reduction of parent stressors on the Parenting Stress Inventory (PSI), and reduction of problems in the family, as well as reduction on the abuse, stress and rigidity scales on the Child Abuse Potential Inventory (CAPI).

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