Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
Rating * Model Target * 0-18 Speciality * Parent Training
Program * The NICASA Parent Project
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  The Parent Project was designed specifcally to meet the needs of working parents and the workplace environment to address issues in effective prevention. The goals of the program are to enrich family relationships and promote healthy environments that build resistance to social and personal dysfunction. Specifically, it focuses on the need to establish supportive networks among working parents; improve parent/child relationships; increase ability to balance work and family life; improve corporate climate for workers; and improve parent skills in preventing and identifying substance abuse problems in themselves and their children.

The Parent Project includes programs for parents with children of the following ages: birth to 4 years old, elementary school age, and adolescents. The program has also been modified and piloted at three work sites to address specific issues related to single working parents. The program is presented at lunch time at a worksite. At each developmental level, the program addresses issues common to all parents such as balancing work and family, communication, discipline, learning styles, sibling relationships, sex role conditioning, substance abuse and others. The program also focuses on specific developmental stage issues such as child care, tantrums, sleeping and eating patterns, communicating with school personnel, peer pressure and establishing family substance use policies for elementary school children, school performance, male/female relationships and increasing levels of responsibility for adolescents.

In a longitudinal study of 191 parents using a quasi-experimental design, parents in a high dosage group showed significant and enduring changes in child behaviors, rated child behavior more positively, parenting practices and knowledge changed significantly in desired direction and parental punitiveness and irritability declined. Also, parental stress and depression were reduced in parents and there were positive increases in substance abuse knowledge and negative attitudes toward drugs for parents who received high dosage levels of the program.

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