Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention
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  The HOMEBUILDERS Program is one of the best documented Family Preservation Programs in the country. The program is designed to break the cycle of family dysfunction by preventing foster care, residential and other forms of out-of-home placement, and strengthening the family. The program goals include improving family functioning; increasing social support; increasing parenting skills; improving school and job attendance and performance; improving household living conditions; establishing daily routines; improving adult and child self-esteem; helping clients become self-directed; and enhancing motivation for change while decreasing family violence. The program is designed for the most seriously troubled families, who are referred by a number of child service agencies. Populations served include newborns to teenagers.

The program includes 4-6 weeks of intensive, in-home services to children and families. A practitioner provides both counseling and hard services, spends an average of 8-10 hours per week in direct contact with the family, and is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for crisis intervention. The program utilizes a single practitioner model with a team back-up for cotherapy and consultation. Teaching strategies involve modeling, descriptions of skills and behaviors, role plays and rehearsals of newly acquired skills. Teaching tools include skillsbased video- and audio-tapes, work books, handouts, articles and exercises. Therapeutic processes used are skills building, behavioral intervention, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, rational emotive therapy, and other cognitive strategies.

HOMEBUILDERS has been evaluated both formally and informally since it began in 1974. Results from studies using single group and quasi-experimental designs have shown repeated positive findings favoring HOMEBUILDERS on a variety of measures focusing on placement prevention as well as child and family functioning.

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