Model Family Programs for Delinquency Prevention - Program Matrix
Exemplary Programs
Functional Family Therapy 6-18 YearsFamily Therapy
Helping the Noncompliant Child 3-7 YearsParent Training
Iowa Strengthening Families Program for Families with Pre- and Early Teens 10-14 YearsFamily Skills Training
Multisystemic Therapy Program 10-18 YearsComprehensive
Parents And Children Training Series: The Incredible Years Training 3-10 YearsComprehensive
Preparing for the Drug Free Years 8-14 YearsParent Training
Raising a Thinking Child:
I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) Program For Families
4-7 YearsParent Training
Strengthening Families Program 6-10 YearsFamily Skills Training
Structural Family Therapy 0-18 YearsFamily Therapy
The Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation Program 0-5 YearsFamily In-Home Support
Treatment Foster Care (TFC) 12-18 YearsParent Training
Model Programs
CEDEN Healthy and Fair Start Program 0-5 YearsFamily In-Home Support
CICC's Effective Black Parenting 2-18 YearsParent Training
Families in Focus  8-14 YearsFamily Skills Training
Families and Schools Together (FAST) Program 11-14 YearsComprehensive
Healthy Families Indiana 0-5 YearsComprehensive
Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) 3-5 YearsFamily In-Home Support
Home-Based Behavioral Systems Family Therapy 6-18 YearsFamily Therapy
HOMEBUILDERS 0-18 YearsComprehensive
MELD 0-5 YearsParent Training
Nurturing Parenting Program 1-18 YearsFamily Skills Training
Parenting Adolescents Wisely 6-18 YearsParent Training
Parents Anonymous 0-18 YearsComprehensive
Strengthening Hawaii Families 5-12 YearsFamily Skills Training
The NICASA Parent Project 0-18 YearsParent Training
Promising Programs
Bethesda Family Services Foundation 10-18 YearsComprehensive
Birth To Three 0-10 YearsParent Training
Family Support Program 12-15 YearsParent Training
First Steps/Fremont County Family Center 0-5 YearsFamily In-Home Support
Focus on Families 3-14 YearsParent Training
Health Start Partnership and CARES Parenting Program 0-5 YearsComprehensive
Home Base Program - Coordinated Children's Services Initiative 0-18 YearsComprehensive
Project SEEK 0-18 YearsComprehensive
Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities 3-18 YearsParent Training
Dept. of Health Promotion and Education

Funded by - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention